Businesses and eSIM

Businesses use eSIM like a employee managing tool, especially when employees goes on a vacation or quit the job.
At the same time, eSIM will supply customer auto interactive demand and easily secure information.

When employees quit the job

Employees on a vacation

Businesses give employees phone number to:

  • Support employees with the work.
  • Manage business contacts.

⇒ However, with the present’s normal SIM technology, businesses still get some difficulties when employees have a short-term break or quit the job. eSIM is a perfect solution to end the worries when that case occurs.

eSIM can be easily passed to another person just by one simple manipulation on the system. Then, all business contacts of the eSIM number will all be transferred to a new one. Customers will always be able to connect to the enterprise without discontinuity when someone who was in charge quits the job.

Superior messages
(SMS – Short Message Services)

eSIM the combination of basic SIM technology and OTT. Businesses take initiative to send messages to customers by many different forms: documents, images, videos, HTML, etc. making sure that everyone can be able to receive.

SMS 1.0 (using physical SIM)

Sends short/quick/guaranteed messages, making sure that everyone will be able to receive.

SMS 2.0 (using eSIM to send via OTT)

Send multimedia messages (HTML, images, videos, etc.)

Concentrated message management.

Customers have a diversity in uses: Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Zalo, Line, etc. But all messages of customers are sent to one specific channel (Viber for example) of the enterprise. Businesses will respond through their own Viber to all OTT of customers.

Secured information

eSIM fits with businesses that have high demand about information security. Businesses such as bank, finance, security, etc. want an activity limitation in a specific area. For example, eSIM is only allowed to use when connected to internal Wi-Fi network. User can’t use eSIM out of the internal Wi-Fi range.

Shipping services

(Apply eSIM to survey customer satisfaction)

” Shippers usually have low income, always have to bear the harsh weather, traffic jam, air pollution, etc. and it’s very hard for them to keep a good manner. And sometimes shipper will have some “problems” with customers.”

⇒To manage quality of service, businesses will send 2-way SMS to survey customer’s opinion. These survey won’t be a bother to customers because they can answer right away or later. Customer’s answers will be saved on the system, making it convenient for later customer care.

Shipping services: Survey customer satisfaction

  • Option 1:: Using human call out to survey => needs a lot of personnel cost (If business has 10,000 feedback/day, and each staff can only contact 100 customers/day => Needs 100 employees) and phone charges.
  • Option 2: Using Fibo’s AutoCall (gọi tự động) của Fibo ⇒ Reduces 90% personnel cost but still costs a lot of phone charges
  • Option 3: Using eSIM – SMS 2ways ⇒ This method is the current best solution: Low cost and high interactivity. Customers can respond right away or after 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days… If customers don’t respond, there will be a second reminder (with a small gift message), encouraging customers to respond.

Phase 2

Using Auto Call service to survey
⇒ Save 80% of personnel cost, time, infrastructure costs…

Phase 1

Using normal call center, employees will directly call out to survey.

⇒ A lot of employee management, system management, time cost,..

Phase 3

Using eSIM – SMS 2ways
⇒ 2-way interactive, doesn’t have to respond immediately, can respond later, avoid bothering customers. The answer data will always be saved in the system.

Emergency treatment service

“The golden time” in emergency cases is the first 30 minutes after the patients got trouble. During that time, if the patients get treated well, they will have 99% chance of getting recovered.

However, with the current Vietnam’s traffic condition, it might take 1-2 hours for the ambulance to arrive !!

The emergency treatment service is born to serve families that have patients that need to be watched (Mostly older people): People with heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.


eSIM allows to give a emergency warning by connect to a physical devices that have a button. The warning will be sent to necessary people (relatives, doctors). The nearest doctor will go to the patient’s location by bike, patients are guaranteed to get treatments in the first 30 minutes.đầu.

Messages are sent with high speed, to many recipients, not getting blocked by the mobile network operator, send to mobile phone (SMS 1.0) or via OTT (SMS 2.0). (Don’t try to save money in emergency cases).

Automatic Sale & Consultant Service

eSIM uses Chatbot to connect to customers using phone number and OTT channels.

You are a businessman ?

  • You can keep contact worldwide, in any country if you have an eSIM.
  • Enjoy the wonderful things that eSIM brings.

When you are going far away, but you need to receive OTP authentication messages (to do money transfer). You cannot receive OTP with normal PHYSICAL SIM, but with eSIM, you can.